A young man takes a trip to a familiar place, Elsewhere, an old building filled with toys, games, and images of himself from another time. Not everything is how he remembers it, and he finds that he’s not the only one dealing with how things have changed. A young woman is also occupying the building, and the two must figure out what to do with leftover memory, and when to leave. Filmed in the extraordinary Elsewhere Collaborative in Greensboro, the sweetness of color and texture mixed with the accordion-rich musical score combine to give you a direct hit of nostalgia to your heart-brain.

- Cucalorus Film Festival, 2010

  • Cucalorus Film Festival - 2010
  • Cincinnati Film Festival - 2010
  • Columbus International Film Festival - 2010
  • Interrobang Film Festival - 2011
  • San Antonio Film Festival - 2011
  • Ventura Film Festival - 2011
  • Chicago REEL Shorts Film Festival - 2011
  • Stellarcon 36 Film Festival - 2012

13 Minutes

Alrojo Films, 2019